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City officials are to be sent to police for questioning over exam cheat

Bangkok Governor Aswin Kwanmuang announced on Monday that the city administration was ready to send some of its employees implicated in an examination cheating racket to the police for interrogation.

Dozens of people were alleged to be involved in the cheating in the entrance examination for enrollment at the police academy for non-commissioned officers. It was alleged that the racketeers held a closed-door meeting at a Bangkok hotel before the examination to brief the candidates of what they should do when they actually sat the examination and how they could get help from the outside.

The governor said it was quite clear that some employees of the City Hall were involved in the cheating racket, it had to wait for investigation result from the metropolitan police bureau before it could mete out any disciplinary action against them.

It was reported that the national police chief, Pol Gen Chakthip Chaichinda had scrapped the entrance examination held at all provincial police bureau as well as the metropolitan police bureau due to the massive cheat.

Altogether 13, 285 candidates sat for the written test on December 4 and some 1,800 passed the test.

Cheat has been found in two examination grounds. And four candidates who are medical students who sat the exam have been questioned by examination authorities after it was discovered that they made the least scores despite their outstanding educational background.

Pol Maj-Gen Songphol Wattanachai, deputy spokesman of the Royal National Police Office, said the racketeers used the same old cheating trick � that is they sent fake candidates like medical students to sit the exam and jote down answers in unusually big characters so they can be copied by other candidates sitting next to them.

Source: Thai Public Broadcasting Service (Thai PBS)