“Chonnan” confirms that “Thaksin” is ready to return to Thailand, not related to the area

Saraburi, March 25 – "Chon Nan" confirmed that "Thaksin" gave an interview to outside media. ready to return to Thailand to receive punishment Not affiliated with Pheu Thai Party It's just the opinion of the former Prime Minister. Chu is a spiritual leader, a believer, pushing forward the amnesty law. But not about "Pheu Thai", insisting that the party will continue to campaign. Please don't bring it up as a controversial issue.

At 4:30 p.m. on March 25, 2023 at the Muak Lek Dairy Cooperative, Muak Lek District, Saraburi Province, Dr. Chon Nan Srikaew, Pheu Thai Party leader Interview about the case of Dr. Thaksin Shinawatra, former Prime Minister gave an interview to foreign news agencies, ready to walk way back to Thailand this year to be punished according to the law as heard from Dr. Thaksin's interview is expressing his own opinion. As a Thai person will return to his homeland where he has been in prison for 16 years and Dr. Thaksin is willing to return to prison in Thailand because it will be close to children and grandchildren This is your opinion and has nothing to do with the Pheu Thai Party.

Dr. Chon Nan stated that the attack news on the issue of Dr. Thaksin said that he viewed the attack of political party opponents on such matters as normal. because it is during the campaign of the election campaign Each party finds strengths and weaknesses of its competitors. Therefore, if it is an issue that is beneficial to the competitor, it will inevitably be raised as an issue for attacking.

“Thaksin is the spiritual leader of those who love the Pheu Thai Party. You are not affiliated with the Pheu Thai Party. You are not a member of the party. He was just a founder of the Thai Rak Thai Party, which was the origin of the Pheu Thai Party. Especially the issue of faith of the people's brothers and sisters is the right of the people. And then there are people who don't like you, which is normal. We are also looking at whether or not it will affect the Pheu Thai Party more or less. Will look at the angle that he accuses and slanders beyond the scope of unlawful or not? will just look at that which is the dimension of the election campaign only But don't let it affect your rights and the law," Dr. Chon Nan stated.

On the side of Mr. Srettha Thavisin, Chairman of the Advisory Board for the Head of the Pheu Thai Family Specify the case that Dr. Thaksin's return to Thailand will affect the land slide of the Pheu Thai Party or not. As he is also a father, there are 3 other children, whom he sympathizes with because he has been abroad for a long time and At the same time, Dr. Thaksin expressed his views on what to do in the future. And he respects your decision. As for the matter affecting the land slide of the Pheu Thai Party or not. which is expressing your own opinion, therefore not related to the Pheu Thai Party

“I believe that Dr. Thaksin has confidence in the justice system. The duty of the Pheu Thai Party has a good policy and has MPs who are ready to present themselves to the people In which he and the leader of the Pheu Thai Party will go to more areas Spread the policy and listen to the opinions of the people. But if there is a solution, it will continue, ”said Mr. Srettha.

Mr. Srettha stated that he understood that Dr. Thaksin came out to speak, that he understood that he did not want himself to be a condition. The candidates and Pheu Thai Party will continue to campaign. So don't take Dr. Thaksin's story as a condition. of conflicts or election campaigns which Dr. Thaksin He was the founder of the Thai Rak Thai Party. and a father who loves his family We also respect and Pheu Thai Party will continue to campaign

When asked if Dr. Thaksin stated that he would return to Thailand without the need to issue an amnesty law, Dr. Chon Nan stated that it was Dr. Thaksin's own opinion. amnesty You are welcome to go into the process. And he believed that the justice process would follow the rule of law. Be fair to all parties This case is not related to the Pheu Thai Party, which has to issue an amnesty law for Dr. Thaksin.

At the same time, Dr. Chon Nan also mentioned his visit to the area and gave a speech in Saraburi Province that Saraburi has 4 MPs in Saraburi Province, with the Pheu Thai Party having quality candidates. It is well liked by the people in the area. together with the trend that people want to get out of the crisis Therefore, he believes that the Pheu Thai Party has a chance with candidates in all 4 districts.-Thai News Agency

Source: Thai News Agency

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