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Chief doctor says boy dies of massive blood loss

The 15-year old boy who died at the King Mongkut hospital in Petchaburi on Thursday evening shortly after he was admitted died of massive blood loss from sudden fracture of an artery in the chest, said Dr Prachak Wattanakul, the provincial chief doctor, on Saturday.

The incident is very rare among children and youth and usually there is no early-warning sign, he explained, adding that the boy, Teetat Katethong, was immediately rushed to the emergency unit and given help after he went unconscious.

In the case of Teetat, the doctor said his symptoms were violent and instantaneous that led to immediate death.

He added the hospital did not have the equipment to conduct surgery which could only be done at medical school and the hospital did not have the time to send the boy there.

For this specific case, surgery can only be done at a medical school. We did not have the time to have him (Teetat) sent for the operation. We are sorry for the boy's family that we don't have enough capability to take care of him, said Dr Prachak.

Teetat was rushed to King Mongkut hospital after he suffered from severe stomach ache for unknown reason and he died shortly afterward.

Talking to Thai PBS, his parents complained that doctors at the hospital did not pay attention to the boy, resulting to delay in treatment which eventually led to his death.

The mother said she would like her son's death to be served as a reminder to all hospitals to pay more attention and to provide better treatment to their patients.

Source: Thai Public Broadcasting Service (Thai PBS)