Check the GPS of the tour bus that fell on the side of the road. It was traveling at a speed of 88 km/hr at the time of the incident.

Prachuap Khiri Khan,, Accident: a tour bus fell on the side of the road and crashed into a tree. Prachuap Khiri Khan Province Fourteen people died, and the driver was in a serious condition and could not testify. The Department of Transport checked that the GPS system was at a speed of 88 km/hr at the time of the incident.

Bus status: Bangkok-Nathawi The front of the car crashed into a tree and was completely destroyed. Many passengers died and were injured trapped in the vehicle. Officials along with the rescue team helped to provide assistance. Gradually, the injured person was brought out of the vehicle to provide first aid. This incident occurred at 1:00 a.m. The officials were notified of the incident on the tour bus. The passenger fell off the road and crashed into a tree. Phetkasem Road area Kilometer marker 331 - 332, Village No. 7, Huang Yang Subdistrict, Thap Sakae District, Prachuap Khiri Khan Province, on the southern leg, near the entrance to Hat Wanakorn National Park. It is known that the said tour bus had 3 staff members on board, receiving 46 passengers from the bus station. South, heading towards Nathawi District, Songkhla Province, stopping for food at Suphapchon Sam Roi Yot Restaurant, continuing on to the entrance to Hat Wanakorn National Park. The car fell off the road and crashed into a tree. At the time of the incident, most of the passengers were asleep.

Officials confirm that the number of deaths is now at 14 people at Thap Sakae Hospital. Prachuap Khiri Khan Provincial Public Health mobilizes doctors together with forensic police Prachuap Khiri Khan Province Together they examined the identities of the 14 people who died by checking their identities using facial images and fingerprints. To verify the status and entries of persons in the civil registration database. to confirm identity Seven cases were able to be verified with documents, while the other seven cases still do not have confirmation evidence. It only has the name of the passenger. This requires the use of forensic science methods.

As for the tour bus that had an accident Officials moved it and parked it at Huai Yang Police Station for a thorough inspection. Regarding the cause of this accident, Acting Major Adisak Noisuwan and Mr. Khomkrit Charoenpattanasombat Deputy Governor of Prachuap Khiri Khan Province Visited Thap Sakae District to view details and provide convenience to relatives of injured persons and the deceased For those who died who were Muslim brothers and sisters Hastened the process to take the body back for religious ceremonies to their hometown.

For those with injured cards Currently, 5 people are being treated at Thap Sakae Hospital, and 16 people are at Prachuap Khiri Khan Hospital. The rest of the injuries are not minor. Officials let him go home. The tour bus company and transportation company provided convenience to the injured. and the deceased Allow relatives to travel with you to your hometown.

Mr. Suraphong Piyachote, Deputy Minister of Transport Expressing deepest condolences to the families of the passengers who died. and those injured in car accidents Lost control and fell on the side of the road on Phetkasem Road. Until causing a large number of deaths and injuries. He has instructed the Transport Company Limited (Bus Company) to enter the area to take care of, coordinate and provide assistance to passengers to the utmost and for the Bus Company to find guidelines or measures to prevent accidents that are more stringent. To prevent this from happening again.

Ms. Rapiphan Wannapintu, Executive Vice President of Bus Operations Management Acting Managing Director of Transport Company Limited (Bus Company) and executive team Going to the area of the accident, a shared vehicle belonging to Sri Siam Dern Car Company Limited lost control and fell on the side of the road near Petchkasem Road, Km. 331, Prachuap Khiri Khan Province. Then at around 2:00 p.m., he traveled to visit and give baskets to 13 injured passengers at Thap Sakae Hospital (out of the 13 people, the administrator was in the hospital, 5 people wanted to go back to recuperate at home, 8 people

The Transport Department has checked the GPS system and the vehicle's speed before the accident was at 88 kilometers per hour. which does not exceed the legal speed limit of 90 kilometers per hour. As for the car tax, it expires on September 30, 2024, with Mr. Somsak, 36 years old, being the driver. His driver's license expired on August 5, 2026, and he is currently in serious condition. Was sent for further treatment. Prachuap Khiri Khan Hospital Still unable to investigate the cause of this accident.

Source: Thai News Agency