“Chatchat” announces “we will return teachers to students”

Bangkok, May 18 – Governor Chatchart announced after inspecting the school after the first semester began. Specify that the teacher will be returned to the student. reiterated that teachers should teach books not come to work on paperwork

Opening of the 1st semester of the year 2023, Mr. Chatchart Sitthiphan, Governor of Bangkok, visited the area to inspect the order. with clearly stating that We will return teachers to students. Emphasize that teachers who come to work with schools under the BMA have the hope to come and teach. not doing paper work BMA therefore changed to have administrative officers instead of teachers at every school.

Mr. Chatchart said important policies would focus on education and health. because it is the heart of reducing inequality in Bangkok focusing on improving the quality of Bangkok, especially on teacher promotion Because in the past, teachers spent a lot of time on administrative work, about 40%, so administrative staff was organized. dedicated financial officer come to work in school to lighten the burden of teachers Including having a policy to return teachers to students Allows teachers to adjust their academic standing more accurately and step by step So that teachers do not have to waste time on making documents to advance academic standing. But can spend more time caring for students.

At present, Bangkok has 437 schools, most of which are elementary schools. As for secondary schools, there are only 7 schools, but elementary school children in the Bangkok area. Half of them belong to schools under the Bangkok Metropolitan Administration. Therefore, it is very important that we give importance to education, especially early childhood. –

Source: Thai News Agency

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