“Chaitawat” confirms 313 votes when setting up a government to move forward

Bangkok, May 20 – "Chaitawat" has 313 votes when setting up a government to move forward. The response from the senators was positive. Emphasize that important agendas in the MOU will respond to the voices of the people.

Chaitawat Tulathon, secretary-general of the Kao Klai Party Disclosed as a government manager that now the party has garnered 313 votes, which is considered sufficient and stable in accordance with general universal democratic principles

Therefore, after this, I will continue to talk to the senator to understand each other. and lead the country to follow the democratic path not going to a dead end From his talks with a number of senators, many of them were concerned about the direction of foreign policy. Maintaining the balance of Thailand in the global political arena and the senators do not want to see the new government cause more political conflict. After meeting and explaining the standpoint and approach of the far-reaching party, the senators understood more.

“On May 23, 2023, there will be an extraordinary meeting of the Senate. and learned that after the meeting of the Senate There should be an informal meeting of senators on how to vote for the prime minister. I believe that once the senators see the MOU to form the government on May 22nd, they will understand us better and lead to positive decisions to push the country forward. page," Mr. Chaitawat said.

Secretary General of the Progressive Party further revealed that The MOU negotiation process is progressing well. All parties are now considering and presenting their respective agendas to come together in a common agreement to form a government. Tomorrow (May 21, 2023) there will be talks with each party again. to come to a common conclusion on May 22

Mr. Chaitawat confirmed that important agendas in the MOU will respond to the voices of the people expressed through this election. People want changes in economic restructuring to grow fairly. and political reform to be democratic, with a transparent rule of law, free from corruption And resolve past political conflicts so that the country can move forward into the future.-Thai News Agency

Source: Thai News Agency