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Thailand expects to receive 8.2 million tourists this year

BANGKOK,  Tourist arrivals in Thailand are ticking up as the kingdom eases some of its restrictions to welcome foreign travellers starting July 1. In its latest forecast, Tourism Authority of Thailand (TAT) said as international air traffic resumes to about 10 per

UK supermarkets may ban Thai coconut products over use of monkeys

The Thai Animals Protection Association has urged the Commerce and Agriculture ministries to issue a clarification to British retailers quickly about the use of pigtailed macaques in the harvesting of coconuts in Thailand. Mr. Roger Lohanan, secretary-general of the association,

WTO less downbeat on trade for 2020, more muted for 2021

The World Trade Organization said on Tuesday that global merchandise trade would likely fall by less than its worst case scenario this year due to the COVID-19 pandemic, but an expected pick-up in 2021 year could fall short of expectations, The

Honda resumes production at plants hit by suspected cyber attack

Japan’s Honda Motor Co has resumed production at automobile and motorcycle plants in the United States and other countries after they were hit by a suspected cyber attack this week, a spokesman said on Friday, The suspected attack comes less than

Tesla wins China approval to build Model 3 vehicles with LFP batteries

Tesla Inc has received government approval to build Model 3 vehicles in China equipped with lithium iron phosphate (LFP) batteries, a document on Ministry of Industry and Information Technology website showed, Reuters exclusively reported in February that Tesla was in advanced