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Car crash on Lat Prao road

Four persons were injured, one seriously, in a car crash on Lat Prao road during the morning rush hour Monday.

The incident happened at 6.40 a.m. on the outbound lane of the busy road when a red car, believed coming in speed, rolled over 50 metres hitting roadside tree and breaking off a traffic sign post on Lat Prao Soi 97, before climbing the sidewalk and resting on the gatewall of a shophouse.

The car front was damaged beyond recognition of what brand or type of car it is.

But police suspected it is a modified car and it might come in high speed, as they judged from the damages it caused to the places and the car itself.

The driver crawled out of the car and laid on the pavement, and fell unconsciously while his girlfriend sat on the front seat, shocking.

Two passersby were also injured.

All were admitted to Lat Prao hospital.

The incident caused traffic jams on both inbound and outbound lanes of the road.

Source: Thai Public Broadcasting Service (Thai PBS)