Candidates and candidates for Pheu Thai. Thank you to the people of Chiang Mai.

Chiang Mai, May 18 – Candidates and Pheu Thai candidates thank the people of Chiang Mai. Ready to join hands and move forward to solve PM 2.5 immediately

The result of this round of elections in Chiang Mai Province, it appears that the Pheu Thai Party has only 2 seats left. From the former, it had almost won the province. Looking at the orange phenomenon, reflecting the democratic needs of the people, as for "Chakrapon", the Pheu Thai Party's candidate for District 1, who lost, said he was ready to join hands and move forward to continue acting for the people of Chiang Mai. Especially solving PM 2.5 problems

After the Chiang Mai Election Commission Candidate Announcement Progressive Party MPs With the highest score, winning 7 districts, namely Districts 1, 2, 3, 4, 6, 7 and District 8 out of 10 total districts, where the former Pheu Thai Party gained MPs in almost all provinces But this time, the Pheu Thai Party only got 2 seats: District 5 and District 10, while District 9, Palang Pracharat Party, got 1 seat.

Chulapan Amornvivat, Pheu Thai Party's Pheu Thai Party MP candidate in charge of northern elections and win this election Thank you for all the votes for choosing Pheu Thai Party. No matter which district you choose, it is considered a good encouragement to move forward to fight in the democratic ideology that you have always fought. And thank you to everyone who went out to exercise their right to vote. to move forward with democracy

Mr. Chulaphan sees the orange phenomenon as a good thing. Because the people choose is the party in the democratic way. It shows that everyone wants to change the government back to democracy. where many districts belong to a distant accept the decision considered that it may be due to the unclearness of the Pheu Thai Party itself and the trend that came during the last curve that Pheu Thai could not reply in time Although the candidate has already clarified some issues From the candidate's point of view, the public sent a signal to the party that everyone did not reject the Pheu Thai Party. There is only an alternative party that is in the democratic way to add. From now on, the Pheu Thai Party will take lessons to meet the needs of the people, which is to show clarity about the position of the Pheu Thai Party. that lacks good enough communication with the public Next, it must be clearly shown.

Now, with the Progressive Party, we haven't talked to each other yet. Waiting for everything to be clear, but the MPs of the Pheu Thai Party No matter how many places are left, they are ready to do their duty. Confirmed to continue to move forward in the things that the people have promised. Especially about PM 2.5. Thank you for choosing the Pheu Thai Party. It is a problem that will go to solve itself to be an option for the people to continue. We will come back strong again because the election is not just one round

As for the field visit, everyone is full. and the strategy of the party has done well because he wanted the most seats, but being an MP had to go to the middle making entering the area may be limited Everyone tried their best The wind began to change direction. stream from the central causing many candidates to be irresistible Be confident that sincerity and continuous work will still be effective, it is something MPs or those who fail to prove themselves because being an MP is proving their identity to the people. As for applicants who miss hope, it's normal to regret. But everyone has to accept the results. because it is a rule and political etiquette that the party has always held The method is to use disappointment and regret to drive the work to continue for 4 years, complete the term, so that Thailand will come back to the people again. and prove intentions sincerity again that the party now operates is correct At this moment, the first party must have the right to form a government. let him do his best

Mr. Chakphon Tangsuthitham, a candidate for the 1st constituency and a former Pheu Thai MP, who lost the election to a new generation of enthusiastic people like the Kao Klai Party. Accept the surprise as a shocking score. Party's popularity and good people are considered the new model. I want it to be sent as a real policy. Encourage everyone to go far. Congratulations to the winners who have been selected as representatives. He is ready to join hands to work for the people of Chiang Mai. Especially solving PM 2.5 problems that have been piloted in pushing clean air act

Now there is no discussion with the Progressive Party. But if any story is based on the prosperity and happiness of Chiang Mai people He is willing to join because they were confident that they could form a joint government For applicants in District 1, Chiang Mai with positions and experience plus being a native of Chiang Mai as well Believe that it will produce good new policies for the people of Chiang Mai to work together.

“He moved forward with love for Chiang Mai people. With this precursor ready to spend the rest of his life doing for the people of Chiang Mai. If anyone thinks they are useful and see their intentions I would like to use this word that I can use the top right away. Any dimension can be used immediately, ”said Mr. Chakphon.

Mr. Chakrapol thanked all the votes given to Red Pheu Thai Party and given him as a candidate. Pheu Thai Party MPs who received more than 30,000 votes. considered to be enough encouragement Plenty to continue working for the people of Chiang Mai throughout their lives from now on. As for the people who choose orange, the Kao Farang Party considers that democracy has blossomed. and want it to be a bright golden sky Waiting for the next Chiang Mai people No matter what position it is, it is willing to do it. Waiting for the coordinating party to work all the time, both the party, the region and the council. I think for those who are disappointed this time will not be the last. But it turned out to be a starting point. If joining forces with the Kao Lai Party, they can form a coalition of government parties together. believe that it will produce good policies and everyone can work hard. Losing isn't important. But instead, we have to continue to work hard.

As for the past field visits, I am confident that I will work with my best. As for the district switching, we see it as a party strategy that has no right or wrong. Because like the lottery that has been bought, there must be both cheap and not cheap. therefore would like to see that in the past he has visited the area and worked in the council to the fullest, not wanting to take words and cause the work to falter, is a consensus, accepts the risk If asked if it was in the same place, did it win? He always believed that no matter where he was, he didn't think he would lose. admitted that the result was shocking. but respect every vote Hope to be able to work together and produce good things for Thai people, ready to join hands to work for the people of Chiang Mai Especially solving PM 2.5 problems that have been piloted in pushing clean air act along with looking at the defeat this round That is just the beginning that makes us continue to work hard.-

Source: Thai News Agency

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