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Buriram airport now back to service

Bururam airport is back to normal operation this morning (April 3) after a stranded Nok Air plane was removed.

The stranded plane which blocked the runway for 12 hours was towed back to the airport apron late yesterday, allowing the airport to resume its normal operation with domestic flights landing and taking off as usual.

Buriram airport director Mr Sommai Chainij said the incident was not the error of the airport, but the aircraft which was out of his hand.

He said the plane developed hydraulic problem while it was about to lift off the runway yesterday, thus blocking both landing and takeoff by all flights.

He said a chartered plane on a direct flight from China to Buriram also could not land yesterday.

He offered apology for passengers for the inconvenience caused by the incident, and said now the airport was back to normal services to receive direct flights from overseas.

Source: Thai Public Broadcasting Service (ThaiPBS)