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BMTA expects to receive the first lot of 50 electric vehicles in December

Bangkok Mass Transit Authority (BMTA) is expected to wrap up the result of the second round of public forum regarding the acquisition of electric vehicles this week before going ahead with the holding of an auction to procure a fleet of 200 electric vehicles to replace the ageing buses.

BMTA acting director and deputy transport permanent secretary Somsak Hommuang said Wednesday that he expected the first lot of 50 electric buses to be delivered in December with the next three lots of 50 units each to be delivered in February, April and June next year.

He disclosed that the Electricity Generating Authority of Thailand had offered to modify BMTA's ageing buses into electric buses by replacing their engines with electric motors. For the start, four buses will be modified first as a pilot project, he said.

BMTA board met on Wednesday to discuss the planned installation of electronic ticketing machines to substitute bus conductors and the appointment of an independent lawyer to join a team of BMTA's legal advisors to fight a court case with Bestlin Group over the scrapping of the 1.3 billion baht NGV bus deal between the city bus firm and Bestlin Group.

At the board meeting today, the board decided to seek 260 million baht government subsidy to carry on with the free bus service.

Source: Thai Public Broadcasting Service (Thai PBS)