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BMA denies evicting street-food stalls in China Town and Khao San

Bangkok Metropolitan Administration (BMA) today dismissed a news report that it is prepared to evict all street-food vendors from China Town and Khao San road.

Instead it stated it is going to introduce zoning system to make them more orderly, more hygienic, and cleaner with regard to the safety and health of consumers.

This was revealed today by Mr Wallop Suwandee, advisor to the Bangkok governor.

Wallop's comment came after a local news report that the city administration planned to evict all street-food vendors from Bangkok's streets by the end of the year, with target on China Town and Khao San road first.

The report triggered public outcry, particularly from business operators as Bangkok was just ranked by CNN as having the best street-food in the world.

Mr Wallop dismissed the report as groundless saying the city administration never had such idea.

Instead there was a meeting with relevant government agencies on how to put all street-food stalls in order, particularly at China Town and Khao San road.

He said the administration intended to make street-food more hygenic, clean and safe for the health of consumers.

He said street-food has become the way of life of Bangkok people and it will never deminish.

But he stressed that the two places needed zoning.

He said Khao San road has boutiques, Pad Thai fried noodles, and Khanom Jeen and foot massage stalls.

It was impossible to let food massage stalls mingling with food, beer or whisky stalls, he said.

Therefore it needs zoning to make everything in order and hygenic, he said.

He cited Thong Lor as the place where zoning had been done as street-food stall owners had cooperated well.

After the zoning, their businesses were going better with more customers, he said.

Source: Thai Public Broadcasting Service (Thai PBS)