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Ban Muang newspaper to close down as of January 1

The management of Nawakit Ban Muang Company announced on Wednesday that it would stop publication of Ban Muang daily newspaper as of January 1 because it could no longer carry on with the business under the present circumstances.

Publisher and editor of the newspaper Mr Chalor Chansuksri told the staff on Wednesday that the business model of printed media had changed drastically with the emergence of many new media, making it difficult for printed media to survive under an atmosphere of fierce competition.

He said that the management had tried very hard and for a long time to keep the business going on, but could no longer carry on any longer but to close down the newspaper as of January 1.

Also, he said that the company had to terminate the employment of all the staff. He admitted that it was the hardest decision to be made by the management and thanked all the staff for their cooperation from the past to present.

Ban Muang newspaper was first published on May 23, 1972.

Source: Thai Public Broadcasting Service (Thai PBS)