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ASEAN Weekly Disaster Update, 25 February 3 March 2019

Regional Summary (Week 9)

7. There were isolated rainshowers in the southern ASEAN region, but mostly were in the northern parts of Sumatra and Peninsular Malaysia. While, the Mekong subregion persisted to experience dry conditions with hotspot activities and widespread hazy conditions. The region was also seismically active, recording a total of seven (7) earthquakes of magnitude 5.0 and above.

8. There was a M5.6 earthquake in South Solok Regency, North Sumatra in Indonesia (BMKG) that affected and damaged hundreds of people and houses. BNPB is continuously gathering data on this.

9. Hotspot activities persisted in many areas in the Mekong subregion and widespread hazy conditions continued to be observed. In particular, dense smoke haze was observed in eastern Myanmar, northern Thailand and southern Lao PDR. In the southern ASEAN region, isolated hotspots with localised smoke plumes continued to be detected in Riau, central Sumatra (ASMC).

10. The tropical cyclone in the Western Pacific Ocean Typhoon Wutip, didn't pose direct threat to the Philippines (PAGASA), and eventually weakened into a Low Pressure Area.

11. ASEAN Specialised Meteorological Centre Weather Outlook expects the dry weather in the Mekong subregion to persist, resulting to hotspot activities and hazy conditions. The area is still in Transboundary Smoke Haze Alert Level 3. Meanwhile, scattered rainshowers are expected over the southern ASEAN region.

12. The reported disasters were within the coping capacity of the respective member states.

Source: ASEAN Coordinating Centre for Humanitarian Assistance