APO opens trading on the first day above reservation 75.76%.

Bangkok, APO shares opened for trading on the first day on mai at a price of 1.74 baht, an increase of 0.75 baht from the IPO at 0.99 baht, or an increase of 75.76%, indicating that the crude palm oil industry is still expanding at 8-9% per year. Asian Palm Oil Public Company Limited or APO was listed and began trading on the Market for Alternative Investment (mai) under the Agriculture and Food Industry Group today (2 April 2024) using its trading abbreviation. that "APO" opened its first day of trading at a price of 1.74 baht, an increase of 0.75 baht or 75.76% from the IPO price of 0.99 baht, with a trading value of 248 million baht. APO mainly engages in the business of extracting crude palm oil for sale to domestic crude palm oil refinery groups. and by-products produce electricity from biogas for sale to the Provincial Electricity Authority. The IPO price is 0.99 baht, calculated as an IPO offering value of 99 million baht. The security value at the IPO price is 336.60 million baht. In determining th e IPO price, the IPO share price ratio is considered. Net earnings per share (P/E Ratio) is equal to 25.92 times. Mr. Sittipas Udomphonkul, Chief Executive Officer Asian Palm Oil Public Company Limited (APO) revealed that its operating direction for 2024 targets revenue growth of not less than 10% and improved profitability. The company plans to expand its customer base even more. both in consumer product manufacturers Crude palm oil refinery The group procures and sells crude palm oil (Trader) and has an existing customer base that will enter into long-term trading contracts to create stability in the future, thus raising funds to improve the efficiency of the production process. Change the autoclave machine from horizontal to vertical. To get good quality oil and reduce costs in the production system It is expected that the renovation will be completed and ready for operation by 2025. The company has always planned crude palm oil production strategies to be in line with the situation, weather and economic conditions. In 2023, the company has an average production capacity utilization rate (Utilization Rate). At 53.86%, the amount of fresh palm bunches that go into the production process is 232,655 tons, with the company's maximum production capacity being 432,000 tons. In addition, such improvements help preserve the environment. Reduce greenhouse gas emissions While the remaining funds raised will be used as working capital for business expansion. At the same time, the company is studying business opportunities both upstream and downstream in order to increase the efficiency of the production process to be more integrated. From the procurement of raw materials Development of palm seeds that produce high quality products Adding a variety of products obtained from the production process, such as expanding the business from by-product products Palm kernel oil production which will increase competitive potential Create sustainable growth in the future 'The crude palm oil industry still tends to expand 8-9% per year, while downstream industries such as refined palm oil expand 10-11% per year, while biodiesel, which uses crude palm oil as a raw material, expands 6-7%. % per year, with economic expansion factors and e-commerce that are used in transportation more,' Mr. Sittipas said. Source: Thai News Agency