“Anutin” emphasizes that in this era, people who hold the law must not make mistakes themselves.

Anutin" stated that the worst thing is that people who hold the law break the law themselves. Emphasize the interior of this era Won't let something like this happen. After finding people of color involved in football betting websites

Mr. Anutin Charnvirakul, Minister of Interior, gave an interview after inspecting and giving policy to the Department of Local Administration (DLPW), saying that today he came to inspect and listen to the operations of the Department of Local Administration. By emphasizing all 10 policies in line with the vision of "Keeping up with the world, modern, and timely." Today, let's get to know each other. We are confident that we can work together already. The goal is convenience. Better quality of life for citizens

“As for delivering policy to the Department of Disaster Prevention and Mitigation (DPWD), we must prepare to be careful about the impending drought. El Niño phenomena and various things, we need the Department of Defense to prepare to prevent these kinds of troubles,” said the Minister of Interior.

When asked about the current flooding situation in many areas, Mr. Anutin said that this is a matter that each province and area already have plans in place. We also support If the request is made in a matter that is beyond the authority that each area has We are ready to go in and fix it. Confirm that we are continuously monitoring the situation.

When asked whether the Ministry of Interior has any regulations regarding football betting or not. The Minister of Interior said that we must cooperate with the police. As for the Ministry of Interior Cracking down on influential people is already the ministry's policy.

In the past, there were people of color involved in the network as well. Will it cause embarrassment to the work of the Ministry of Interior or not? Mr. Anutin said that the worst thing is that people who hold the law break the law themselves. This must be corrected. This is one policy that is trying to happen and that "In the era that I directed Overseeing the Ministry of Interior Nothing like this will happen.”

When asked about the crackdown on influential people at Bang Khlan Temple, Mr. Anutin said that he would have to ask Mr. Chada Thaiseth, Deputy Minister of Interior.

Did you specify anything? After today is the first day that tourists from the People's Republic of China traveled to travel in Thailand. according to visa exemption measures The Minister of Interior said that convenience must be provided to tourists, regardless of their nationality. Must ensure that he will have safety in life and property. Exploitation and price gouging should not be allowed to happen. which has instructed the governors of various provinces.

Source: Thai News Agency