“Alongkorn” accepts defeat in all 3 districts of Phetchaburi Province

Phetchaburi, May 14 – Alongkorn has accepted defeat. Send a line to congratulate the Phetchaburi MPs in all 3 districts. Thank you for all the points that the people of Phetchaburi have given.

At 7:20 p.m., Mr. Alongkorn Phonbut, Deputy Leader of the Democrat Party and candidate for the 1st Constituency, Phetchaburi Province, sent a line to some familiar media. Send a signal to accept defeat in this election for all 3 districts of Phetchaburi Province with the message that

Congratulations to all Phetchaburi MPs from all 3 districts and thank you for all the votes that Phetchaburi people have given me, candidates for MPs from District 1-2-3 and the Democrat Party in this election with sincerity. yes I would like to thank all the Phetchaburi Democrat Party teams who have worked so hard alongside me over the past few months. Even though the election results were defeated, every vote that the people gave us was a very meaningful encouragement.

Which the results of the votes that have been followed since the closing of the ballot boxes and starting to count the votes until about 7:00 p.m. It was found that the votes of the Ruam Thai Sang Chat Party candidates brought 2 districts and the Bhumjaithai Party brought 1 district, all 3 The district found that the candidates of the Democratic Party in all 3 districts were far behind. and it can be expected that Democrat candidates in all three districts are likely to suffer defeat. Therefore sent a line to congratulate the new MPs in all 3 districts. In the morning of this day, Mr. Alongkorn Ponboot gave an interview while voting at the Sawangsan Phet Thammasat Foundation polling station. This election has cost a lot of money. as far as his own experience in elections I can only hope that the Election Commission will take full action against the electoral violations.

As for the party-list scores in Phetchaburi Province, the results show that the Kao Klai Party has a strong lead. This is different from the constituency-divided MPs scores, which is worth watching for both types of scores that are in the opposite direction. All of which still have to wait for the official results again. .-

Source: Thai News Agency

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