Accelerate the Internet community to expand the service of the school-hospital.

Forest Boundary Foundation 7 Apr-"Gen. Prawit" meets with the Digital Development Fund Pushing the Internet to 24,654 communities, aiming to expand the village service. schools and hospitals within 3 years

General Prawit Wongsuwan, Deputy Prime Minister Chaired the meeting of the Board of Directors of the Digital Economy and Society Development Fund via VTC at the Boundary Forest Conservation Foundation. The meeting acknowledged the performance of the Digital Economy and Society Development Fund. as well as the operations of sub-committees and working groups under the appointment order of the Fund Management Committee. risk management system information management system and human resource management system

The meeting jointly considered and approved the principles. Spending money under Section 25 of the Digital Economy and Society Development Act B.E. 2560 and considering approving the project under Section 26 (3) of the Office of the National Digital Economy and Society Commission by approving public internet service and maintenance projects Community net network and high-speed internet extension to improve the quality of life By providing a public high-speed internet service (WI-FI) in villages in 24,654 real-use areas and expanding the network to schools. 1,671 sub-district health promotion hospitals and royally bestowed health centers aiming to support low-income and crowded communities free of charge. and equipment support programs for students who lack online learning equipment. Secondary and vocational levels by 2026

The meeting approved the request for consent to expand the results of the Mechanism Development Project to create a large database of industrial readiness according to the Industry 4.0 concept to support the transformation of industrial factories. Toward Industry 4.0 and operations related to working capital management

General Prawit said that technology is changing rapidly. please consider Focus on preparing for key technology trends and together driving change faster. By being able to change in time and allow interaction between each other at all times which aims at enhancing opportunities and reducing inequality in community access to technology For opportunities and to improve the quality of life of people in the digital age faster.-Thai News Agency

Source: Thai News Agency

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