Accelerate repair of road collapses in the center of Mae Chan city, Chiang Rai province

Chiang Rai, May 24 – A 20-meter long road collapsed in the center of Mae Chan, Chiang Rai province. Ready to warn people to temporarily avoid such routes.

A picture of a collapsed road in the middle of the city, Mae Chan District, Chiang Rai Province, causing panic among the villagers. Reporters visit the scene Found signs of collapse and cracks on the road surface, about 20 meters long, starting from the front of Khao Soi shop hanging legs. Go to the front of the bakery After the incident, the contractor brought a barrier to block the area. since the intersection of Ban Mae Chan School up to Mae Chan Post Office to expedite problem solving by bringing sand to fill the area where the subsidence occurred The cause is expected to be caused by an underground hole under the road, together with the past 7-8 days, there was a flood in Mae Chan town.

However, the contractor went down to inspect the pipe under the road surface that had collapsed, there was no stagnant water. Today, preliminary corrections have been taken and tomorrow (May 25) will carry out inspections under the rest of the road surface. To know the exact problem of road subsidence and speeding up road repairs to return to normal use Please warn people to avoid such routes temporarily. – Thai News Agency

Source: Thai News Agency

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