Academics agreed that lessons should be removed to compete with populist policies.

NIDA, May 1 – Scholars agree that lessons should be taken after the election. in the case of a political party Competition for populist policies prevent the impact on the country's fiscal but believes in political stance and social issues have more influence on people's decision-making

Mr. Suwicha Pao-aree, Director of the Nida Poll Office Recently surveyed about the policy of giving money or Arranging the welfare of political parties during the election that The fact that a political party proposes a populist policy is to distribute welfare to the people in this election. It is the most obvious election where all parties compete to present and distribute populist policies. According to the results of the survey, people Realize that the end must come from budget money or it may cause problems. Fiscal discipline and the country in the future

Therefore, after this election, it was seen that In the future, lessons should be learned and drafted laws to regulate and control political parties. in proposing more populist policies in order to prevent damage due to the view that current laws still have loopholes, for example, when presenting a policy during the election, saying whether to give away or to give only When he entered the government, he said that he did not control that ministry or was not the main political party, so he could not operate as he had campaigned. Therefore, in the future, it may be necessary to specify clearly that when joining the government, which ministry will be overseen. must proceed according to the announcement of the campaign policy for political parties to consider in proposing more policies

Mr. Pichai Rattanadilok Na Phuket, Deputy Dean for Academic Affairs, National Institute of Development Administration or NIDA Said that at this time, although every party aims to present the populist policy to hope to attract votes from the people, but found that it does not affect the people's decisions, because each of the popularity has a populist policy together.

Therefore, it was found that other policies Other policies that are not populist are more effective, such as the abolition of military conscription. or announcing a political stance on which group to join, etc.

However, agree on the future. It should be considered whether the existing laws are sufficient to direct or control political parties that propose populist policies because there is quite clear information that since the 2001 election, populist policies have created causing problems in society such as people who benefit from that policy It is specific to some groups, some groups that do not benefit from the policy are dissatisfied or some Sometimes some policies cause budget problems, etc. .-Thai News Agency

Source: Thai News Agency

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