A luxury car crashed into a motorcycle, lost control and hit pedestrians, killing one and injuring 10 more.

Sad accident. A luxury car crashed into a motorcycle before losing control and hitting pedestrians and cars. In front of Wat Khachon Rangsan Phuket, 1 person died, 10 more were injured, a stall selling vegetarian food was damaged.

Police, Muang Phuket Police Station Received notification from a good citizen that there had been a car crash and a pedestrian accident. Opposite the entrance to Wat Khajon Rangsan or Wat Nuea, Ranong Road, Mueang Phuket District. which has installed kiosks for selling vegetarian food There were injuries and deaths. After receiving the report to the supervisor and traveling to investigate along with officials of the Phuket Kusontham Foundation

From the initial investigation of the scene, it was found that a white Mercedes E 300 with Bangkok registration, the driver of which was a 62-year-old woman, was driving along Ranong Road. until reaching the scene of the incident Crashed into a stall selling vegetarian food on the side of the road. and crashed into four motorcycles before crashing into a sedan and pickup truck in front. damaged Including people walking on the road. It caused 1 person to die and 10 others to be injured.

Eyewitnesses said that before the incident, they saw the Mercedes Benz that caused the accident driving into the said road. which has a kiosk installed to sell vegetarian food and crashed into a motorcycle before swerving away and crashing into a sedan During that time, the man who died which comes with family about to cross the road Saw a car rushing in and pushed his wife and child onto the side of the road. As for himself, he was hit by a Mercedes that smashed into the back of a sedan. He died instantly at the scene. The name of the deceased is known as Mr. Thawatchai, 49 years old, a tattoo artist.

As for the cause of this accident It is being investigated by the police. To proceed with the legal process.

Source: Thai News Agency