A 58-year-old woman is charged with a horse account, claiming she was deceived.

Ubon Ratchathani, March 17 – A 58-year-old woman, a career collecting antiques for sale. Subpoenaed as an accused in horse account case Claiming to be deceived by neighbors asking for help from those who know the law While the neighbor retorted his aunt’s daughter, he told him to take him to open it himself. and didn’t do it the first time

Reporters reported that in the area of Mueang Ubon Ratchathani District and Warin Chamrap District There is a movement to buy and sell horse accounts. To be used in fraud and gambling in neighboring countries via Facebook avatar named Ms’Spy Ms’Spy by specifying many rates from 1,200-4,000 baht, such as the Poipet wholesale price rate, the price rate Send cable Tao Ubon The highest price is a foreign account rate, 1 set consisting of a bank book, an ATM card, a mobile SIM card and an app, priced at 3,500-4,000 baht, with a specified compensation that can be withdrawn after work. and do not accept transfers in any case

There are many people employed to open accounts in the area. Most of them are those with low incomes. The latest is Mrs. Prayong, 58 years old, from Warin Chamrap District. Selling antiques by asking for help from the Damrongdhama Center and the Ubon Ratchathani Provincial Justice Office After on March 7 the past. Received a summons for the accused from Bang Kaeo Police Station, Samut Prakan Province in the case of fraud (horse account) to report to him. along with a list of past bank statements

Mrs. Prayong revealed that she had a career collecting antiques and selling them in poor condition. In January, a neighbor Miss Kae asked if she wanted 400 baht or not. So replied that she wanted to, Ms. Kae then put her personal information into the mobile phone. to open an account and took him to a convenience store to scan his face After finishing, he gave him 400 baht. The money he received, he went to buy rice and food for 7 grandchildren.

Later, he received a summons from the police. So came to know that the account that was opened was used to deceive other people In the past, he himself did not know about horse accounts. not following the news very difficult now Because he did not know how to go to the police, he did not have money, so he had to ask for help from the Provincial Justice Office. Ask someone with legal knowledge to help. Because if you go to jail, the other 7 grandchildren will have to suffer.

Miss Kae’s side A neighbor who allegedly hired Mrs. Prayong Open a horse account to inform reporters that The story started with Mrs. Prayong’s daughter. The contact came to find an account opening for Mrs. Prayong. because other banks have already opened Mrs. Prayong’s daughter failed to scan her face. therefore asked Mrs. Prayong to open the account instead And allow him to be an intermediary to carry out the verification of the face scanner at the convenience store. Done, Ms. Kae Send it to people who buy on Facebook.

As for the case where Mrs. Prayong said she didn’t know about being deceived, it’s not true. Mrs. Prayong knows everything. Opened 5 banks. Not as innocent as it seems. that he came out to speak because Mrs. Prayong Will come and throw him that he can’t be deceived He only received a commission of 100 baht after making Mrs. Prayong and not doing it again. Villagers who open accounts in the same way as Mrs. Prayong When he heard the news that Mrs. Prayong There is a summons to be prosecuted. They gradually went to close the account.

Miss Thanthip Yoskritwitsakul Director of the Ubon Ratchathani Provincial Justice Office revealed that after receiving the matter from Mrs. Prayong testimony and coordinating with investigators at Bang Kaeo Police Station, Samut Prakan Province Requesting to extend the time for testifying according to the subpoena and requesting that the questions accompanying the idioms be sent to Warin Chamrap Police Station Ubon Ratchathani Province to investigate instead As for the matter of the case, let’s say that according to the evidence.-Thai News Agency

Source: Thai News Agency