A 17-year-old teenager stole money from a storefront as ordered. Earn money to support friends

A 17-year-old youth stole money from a phaapai bucket in front of an ordered restaurant. CCTV cameras capture clear images. The shop owner will go to report the matter. Found it on the side of the road. Claimed to use the money to put gas in the car and entertain friends. The shop owner was kind enough to give me a chance to turn around. Haven't reported the matter yet.

CCTV cameras for food shops Nong Phra Ngai Subdistrict, Sai Noi District, Nonthaburi Province, captured a photo of a male culprit. Riding a motorcycle, he clearly stole money from the ramie bucket placed in front of the store.

Mr. Pethai, 36 years old, the owner of the shop, said that the incident occurred on the morning of October 10th. At that time he was in the bathroom. There was no one in front of the store. Came out and found that the money was gone. and the CCTV captured the image of the criminal. The missing money was about 300 baht, so they posted an announcement to find the culprit on social media.

Later, around 4 p.m., when going to report to the police station. The perpetrator's appearance was seen in the CCTV camera. Park your car on the side of the road. So he coordinated with the village headman and the police to help arrest him. A 17-year-old youth confessed to being the person who actually stole the money from the rai rai. Just came out of the observation center. In the past April Traveling from Phra Pradaeng Samut Prakan Province Came to see a friend who lives in Sai Noi. The stolen money was used to refuel the motorcycle. and take friends to eat fried chicken at a famous restaurant He saw that the perpetrator was still a child. So give him a chance to turn around. Haven't reported the matter yet. While the perpetrator said About to start a new job If you work and get a salary The stolen money will be returned immediately.

Source: Thai News Agency