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14.1 million registered as low-income earners

About 14.1 million people across the country have registered as low-income earners to be eligible for state welfare.

The latest figure of low income earners was 8.3 million higher than last year's registration.But of the total 14.1 million people registered, 700,000 people were considered unqualified.

The government opened second round registration from April 3 to May 15. A total of 14.1 million people have registered, breaking down to 7.7 million people registering with the Agriculture and Agricultural Cooperatives Bank, 3.7 million people with the Government Savings Bank and 2.3 million people with Krungthai Bank.

Meanwhile another 180,000 people registered with the provincial treasury's offices, and 160,000 people registered with Bangkok Metropolitan Administration's district offices.

In total, this year's registration number was 8.3 million higher than last year's registration. But after initial verification of those registered, about 700,000 were unqualified, and some 100,000 duplicated their registrations.

However the exact figures were not yet finalized and the verification process was underway, the Department of Provincial Administration said.

It said the process was expected to be completed by the end of this month and it will announce the full list of eligible people in August.

Eligible low income earner must be Thai national whose annual income must not exceed 100,000 baht, must not hold financial asset value more than 100,000 baht, and hold no rights in real estate.

State welfare to receive include free rides on bus and train, discounts for water and electricity utilities charges as well as a government subsidy for household products, low insurance fee for accident and scholarship for their children.

The Government will also provide training courses to increase their income for the group who received less than 30,000 baht annually.

It will spend about 50 billion baht budget for the state welfare to low-income earners.

Source: Thai Public Broadcasting Service (Thai PBS)